Saturday, March 25, 2023
Youth Leadership Next Level Leaders

Next Level Leaders

Our leadership development programs help young people develop the skills and confidence to become leaders in their community. Leadership development programs are designed to be challenging. Through challenges, young people develop problem-solving skills that they can use in the real world. Such skills can include working with others, delegating tasks, and recognizing right from wrong. These skills are applicable to almost any situation, but they can only be learned through experience. By getting young people out of their comfort zones and putting them in challenging situations, they can reach their fullest potential.
Leadership Classes: Classes teaching godly leadership principles applied to personal growth/development, marketplace/school excellence, community impact and engagement in a way that is FUN, engaging, energetic and relevant.

Our curriculum is built around four core competencies of godly leadership:
• The study of mankind: The relationship between God and humanity.
• The Art of Self-Control: The value of discipline.
• Fit to lead: Taking care of our mind, soul and body to function our best for God.
• Character Counts: Attributes of a godly leader.


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