Tsinat Institute is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization established to equip the young generation with holistic growth and support families of children with disabilities. Our vision is to nurture visionary young leaders with and without disabilities to attain their full potential. To achieve our vision, we promote leadership with a balanced spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual maturity for a young generation with and without disabilities and support families of children with disabilities.

Mission: To nurture visionary leaders regardless of disability and create opportunities for their whole life in their community where they can live, worship, learn, work, and play alongside each other through all stages of life. Our ministry intentionally focuses on positively impacting families of children with developmental disabilities to live the lives they deserve with the support they need.

To fulfill our Mission, we are committed to a strong and comprehensive training program and learning environment which enhances self-esteem, provide role models, optimizes each child’s potential, develops a lifelong love of learning, builds personal responsibility, and accentuates individual respect.

Core Values: Tsinat Institute’s core values reinforce Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Honesty, Respect, and optimism.

Contact Information: 

Visit us at www.tsinat.org

Office Address: 914 Silver Spring Ave. 

Suite 212

Silver Spring, MD 20910