Tsinat Institute provides support and guidance to families raising a child with special needs. It is important to remind yourself that you are not alone; there are others out there […]

Tsinat Institute provides support and guidance to families raising a child with special needs. It is important to remind yourself that you are not alone; there are others out there who can relate to your circumstances.

When your child is diagnosed with an illness, it can feel like the world is crashing down around you. All of the attention is focused on helping the child, but parents also need assistance coping with their feelings and frustrations.”

To help you, we provide support groups that can provide you with the community and fellowship you need to be the best parent and caregiver you can be.

There will be three sub-groups under the “outreach” page

  1. Family Support
  2. Family Wellness
  3. Ethiopia Project
  1.  Family Support

Parenting is challenging yet rewarding, and raising a child with disabilities can make the job even tougher. Raising a disabled child can feel like running a marathon where the finish line is constantly being moved further away from you…And so, these parents wind up feeling isolated, exhausted, and overwhelmed just by day-to-day life. Those parents and caregivers can deal with feeling frustrated, lonely, and overwhelmed. Tsinat Institute offers these parents the support and encouragement they need, and they can feel less alone. 

The Supporting Families project will provide individual base support for families of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Ethiopian community to person-centered and family-centered resources, supports, services, and other assistance. 

Type of Support We provide

  • Provide personal visits within the home and/or community settings. All parents need a break from time to time. That need is magnified in parents of children with disabilities. Parents may be physically lifting or assisting their children on a day-to-day basis. 
  • We provide physical support opportunity to be free of those duties would be a welcome respite. Our door-to-door service identifies opportunities to visit targeted families in their homes. 
  • The Family Support program provides emotional and informational peer support to parents of children with disabilities throughout life. 
  • It gives parents an online network for sharing experiences, advice, and conversations, along with access to research, factsheets, and training resources to help address the issues of discrimination and disparities. We provide health information based on parent needs in a format they prefer and referrals to community resources. 
  • Help their children meet developmental and academic goals 
  • Helping their children meet challenging expectations established for all children
  • Prepare their children to achieve positive postsecondary outcomes that lead to lives that are as productive and independent as possible

Our Team

Serkalem Getachew

Peter Sima

Menen Asfaw

Merartu Atomsa

  1. Family Wellness

Positive Parenting is a way to parent your child that focuses more on your child’s positive behaviors than your child’s problem. Tsinat Institute family support training program is a source of support for community members and improves participants’ awareness of becoming more effective parents. 

There is a growing systemic problem in need for a father in a child’s life. The Family Wellness program provides a way of understanding the cause and providing a solution to growing the number of responsible parents. 

For more information, visit our office at 914 Silver Spring Ave. Sute212. Silver Spring, MD 20910. 

C) Ethiopia Project:

We work directly with families of children with a cognitive disability and provide support to raise the expectations of families and show them the possible capability of their disabled relative so they are less of a burden and more of a valued family member.