Ethiopia Project

The land-locked country of Ethiopia is economically reliant on the agricultural industry. The country has a violent political history and still experiences tension within the political sphere. One of the issues facing the Ethiopian people is a shortage of available drinking water, as well as limited access to quality education. The government has difficulty enforcing rule of law and there are many instances of detainees’ ill-treatment and unfair trials.

July 27, 2022: we received 11 boxes of donations of adult diapers and one box of gloves for Tsinat Institute support in Ethiopia. People with blind, deaf, and intellectual disabilities need such items. Thank you, Meron, for the collection. The big question will be how can we send it to Ethiopia? Airlines charges $260 per luggage. If you are interested in donating additional items or support sending collected items to Ethiopia, please get in touch with us at 3017285345