Youth Bible Studies


When we lose sight of the core truths of the Gospel, we aren’t sure what Bible lessons to teach students about Scripture. As a result, students graduate from our ministries with critical gaps in their knowledge of the faith.

  • Perhaps your students know the story of Jonah, but they’ve missed the person of Jesus.
  • Maybe your students are avid rule-followers, but they’ve forgotten they’re “saved by grace.”
  • It could be that your students love God, but they know nothing about his true character as described in his Word.
  • Or maybe your students would prefer to create and define their own identities rather than accepting what God says about who they are.

Teaching students the whole Gospel message is a crucial step in making discipleship the core of your youth ministry.

So, what Bible lessons should we teach students who want to become disciples of Jesus? How can we teach and reinforce the whole Gospel message rather than an incomplete picture?

We wrestled with this question when we created our deep discipleship youth ministry curriculum. And our answer was the “8 Roots of Deep Discipleship.” These are 8 core truths of the Gospel that are essential to the Christian faith