About us

Tsinat Institute is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization established to equip the young generation with holistic growth and support families of children with disabilities.

 Vision: Our vision is to nurture visionary young leaders with and without disabilities to attain their full potential. To achieve our vision, we promote leadership with a balanced spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual maturity for a young generation with and without disabilities and support families of children with disabilities.

Mission: To nurture visionary leaders regardless of disability, create opportunities for their whole life in their community where they can live, worship, learn, work, and play alongside each other through all stages of life. Our ministry intentionally focuses on positively impacting families of children with developmental disabilities to live the lives they deserve with the support they need.

To fulfill our Mission, we are committed to a strong and comprehensive training program and learning environment which enhances self-esteem, provides role models, optimizes each child's potential, develops a lifelong love of learning, builds personal responsibility, and accentuates individual respect.

Core Values: Tsinat Institute's core values reinforce Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Honesty, Respect, and optimism.

Since 2007 Tsinat Institute has provided leadership and self-advocacy training for youth groups with and without disabilities. We are closely working with the Ethiopian and Eritrean community, Ethiopian Orthodox churches and Ethiopian Evangelical Churches in the DC/MD/MA area. We all at Tsinat Institute strongly believe in the power of community partnerships. And we like to serve as a backbone for the community and individuals who are most in need.

We recognize that disability reflects diverse characteristics and experiences, and community integration is a crucial component to achieve our goal. To recognize the efforts of people with disabilities and those who support them, each year we hold a celebration to pay tribute to this deserving group by presenting the Disability Awareness and Recognition Awards called "Tsinat Flame Award".

Tsinat Institute provides a free tutorial service for youth from a town with too many unproductive, unsupervised kids with too much time to get into trouble to one providing these youth with a valuable structured program. The Tutoring program focus to empower young people by providing a tutoring assistance in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. We also provide a one-to-one counseling that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education resulting in real life power. The after-school tutoring program includes homework assistance three hours/week and a one-to-one counseling for a life skills education one hours/week.  We are taking an active role in the homework area, working individually with the students using current homework assignments. 

Contact Information:  Dr. Adam W. Tulu  (ዶ/ር አዳም ቱሉ)

(301) 7285345